RangeXTD – Bridging the gaps in internet connectivity

The internet has the power to unite the world. You can see live telecasts, can be online with your friends, can earn using the internet, and use it as a means of entertainment as well. There will be a long list of the possible uses of the internet and it will not be justified to keep it limited to a few only.

The massive and still growing internet is of utmost importance to a modern age person. A modern person is hugely dependent on the internet for communication, banking, profession, connectivity, and what not? Imagine if you are put in an internet dead zone alone, what will you do?

Such a situation is a nightmare for many. But the internet still has its limitations. People and communities are growing day by day and so is the pressure on the internet. Do you know that who owns the internet? There is no single person who owns the internet.

However different organizations can use a share of networks differently. These are your internet service providers and information technology giants. Consider the internet as a jug of water and all are standing with their cups to have their share of water from the universal jug? So will it get emptied one day?

Don’t worry, it will not. The internet is a way of connecting computers and it will not get depleted. However, your network providers have certain restrictions in delivering the signal strength and signal range to you. The gap between the promised and the delivered internet services is increasing day by day.

The increasing number of users with limited infrastructure is the main reason for the same. Apart from it, there may be regional constraints as well just like your mobile network that does not have equal strength at all of the geographies.

Amidst all these existing internet problems, a team of technical experts worked towards designing an efficient WiFi booster and Wi-Fi range extender that is an economical solution to the growing problem. RangeXTD is one such powerful device that has a combination of a Wi-Fi booster and a Wi-Fi range extender. It works in harmony with your existing Wi-Fi signal and delivers high speed and extended range to your place.

RangeXTD is capable of increasing your Wi-Fi range by 70 meters and it can help you to enjoy the fastest internet at the speeds as high as 300Mbps. It works on semi-conductor technologies that result in a compact but efficient device. It is portable, easy to use, and easy to maintain as well.

RangeXTD smartly bridges the gap on internet connectivity. It does not add to your internet bills, can work at your home, office, or any other place, and is cheaper than other solutions.

The simple application of technology with the use of world-class hardware that works directly on the problem of extending the existing range and boosting the existing strength of the signals is the secret of RangeXTD. A smart solution to the internet connectivity problem!